The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #7 | Guest: Roderick Talley, American Hero Defined

January 9, 2019

On this week's Podcast Jason and Matt sit down with Roderick Talley to discuss how this brave man has been fighting the police state that set out to accuse of him crimes he did not commit. Talley was the victim of an illegal raid on his home during which police used never before seen explosives to blow up his door. The raid was illegal and entirely based on fabricated evidence and lies and Talley has devoted these last two years to exposing it.

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The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #6 | Dissecting The Bush Funeral Circus

December 9, 2018

On this week's podcast, John, Jason and Matt discuss the media circus surrounding the death and funeral of George H.W Bush, as well as the under-reported stories of the week that the mainstream ignored, including 9/11 evidence, the trial of Jeffrey Epstein and the recent censorship of pornography on Tumblr and sexual language on Facebook.


The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #5 | Guest: Bill Ottman CEO Of

December 3, 2018

This week, Jason Bassler and John Vibes speak with Bill Ottman, the CEO and co-founder of MINDS, a censorship free social media platform that has been making big moves in the wake of the ongoing social media purge. We discuss the history, background and logistics of his project and make some predictions about the future of the industry. Join us for all that and much more this week on The Free Thought Project.


The Free Thought Project Podcast -Episode #4 | Political Correctness as Intolerance.mp3

November 25, 2018

On this week's episode, John Vibes, Jason Bassler and Matt Savoy discuss the contrast between mainstream and alternative media, with the context of our censorship and the circus of Jim Acosta. The team also explores the issue of "hate speech" and how it is now being used as an excuse to stifle anti-war and police accountability activism.


The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #3 | Migrant Caravan & Manufactured Fear

November 2, 2018

On this week's episode John Vibes, Jason Bassler and Matt Savoy discuss the mainstream media hysteria surrounding the upcoming midterm elections. We dig into the controversy surrounding the recent bomb scare that has the left going crazy as well as the refugee caravan that has the right going crazy. As always, we give our thoughts on what has been left out of mainstream reports.


The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #2 | Predators In Power - Guest: Derrick Broze

October 23, 2018

This week, John Vibes and Matt Savoy are joined by Derrick Broze. Derrick is an author and journalist who just finished a US tour where he gave a presentation on "the pyramid of power" and hosted group discussions about solutions to the problems we face. In today's conversation, we dive deep with Derrick into his new documentary on Jeffrey Epstein, and learn some new details about a child snatching cult with connections to the CIA. We also talk about the state of the anti war movement, and break down the top mainstream story of the past week with our own analysis of what they missed.


The Free Thought Project Podcast - Episode #1 | Surviving The Purge

August 28, 2018

The Free Thought Project is an alt media site that has reached billions with our articles & social media pages. We offer a perspective outside the left/right paradigm that values peace, freedom & truth. This week, all of our pages were taken down on both Facebook & Twitter, so we are taking to the airwaves with a new podcast to bypass the censorship we are currently facing. In this episode we discuss the purge & future of TFTP.