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Guest: Carey Wedler - How The Establishment Perfected Surpressing Dissenting Information & How To Beat Big Tech

October 11, 2021

Carey is best known for her countless viral videos challenging the establishment narrative. She has also written for FEE which is the Foundation For Economic Education. Prior to her work at FEE she was the Anti Media's editor in chief from 2014 to 2018 which was TFTP's alt media ally.

On this podcast, we reflected on the third anniversary of 'The Purge' (which was a day when Facebook and Twitter removed hundreds of pages and accounts on the same day.) We also took on the following:

  • If big tech specifically targeted our organizations because we threatened them.
  • How 'The Purge' affected the trajectory of our lives.
  • How alt media affected the way Mainstream media covered protests like Standing Rock.
  • How Trump didn't realize he was helping push the "fake news" narrative.
  • How the Washington Post helped sell establishment lies for blatant censorship and targeted independent journalists.
  • How the newest Facebook whistle blower, Frances Haugen could likely be an establishment plant.
  • How Facebook is anything but a private company.
  • How and why a NATO think tank helped target alt media.
  • The different treatment for corporate and government whistleblowers.
  • How the Biden administration protects previous administration war criminals.
  • Why we should stay optimistic about the future of the internet and how the establishment is radicalizing people by censoring dissident thought.
  • Decentralization and the importance of supporting independent journalism and how we can effectively move past the tyranny of big tech. 

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