The Free Thought Project Podcast

Guest: Gavin Nascimento - Examining The WEF, CFR And The World’s Most Powerful Families

July 30, 2022

On this week's episode of the Free Thought Project Podcast, Matt and Jason are joined once again by the brilliant Gavin Nascimento. Gavin has been an independent journalist, researcher for more than a decade with an extensive background in studying the world's ruling elite. During this riveting episode, Gavin discusses the war that's been waged on humanity for well over a century by a few of the world's most powerful and corrupt families.

From the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds to Hitler to the World Economic Forum and even communist Russia, a few key players are largely responsible for implementing and setting into motion — multiple events of mass human suffering and death. We talk about how the shadowy figures behind "think tanks" like the Council on Foreign Relations still play a major role in shaping global events and the spread of information — and how these tactics are used to keep the masses compliant, ignorant, and waning in numbers. (Length: 1:27:51)

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