The Free Thought Project Podcast

Guest: Gavin Nascimento - Psychological Warfare, Social Engineering And Covid

April 16, 2021

We had a special guest this week for our podcast. Writer, researching and long time truth teller, Gavin Nascimento joined us to talk about a number of important and powerful issues including Gavin's roots and the beginning of his journey, the beginning of censorship in 2016, The ruling classes psychological warfare tactics, Gary Webb, living in the most revolutionary times in modern history, winning the info wars on prohibition and the acclimation of certain news topics, Edward Bernay's, the foundation of propaganda and patterns of shadow governments. George W. Bush, Obama and the antiwar movement, what the "Alice in Wonderland" psychological tactic is and how it is implemented by the State, why the masses will likely acquiesce to the vaccine passport, facts about Covid-19 that are misunderstood or ignored. A history of big pharma violations and how they control the media including Google, How social distancing guidelines are based on a 15 year old's science fair project, Gavin's new book on how to lead ourselves and why our supporters are the lifeblood of positive change.  (1:04:14)

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