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Guest: Judd Weiss - Stories From The Campaign Trail with John McAfee & The Real Question We Should Be Asking

July 12, 2021

Is John McAfee's death conspiracy theory the REAL distraction? Was John's death his final troll?
This week's podcast is a conversation from a live interview Jason Bassler did with Judd Weiss during the John McAfee memorial in Los Angeles. Judd Weiss was John McAfee's Vice Presidential Candidate during his Libertarian Party Presidential campaign in both 2016 and 2020. Judd shares how John would spend all night thinking of ways to troll the media, the hilarious advice he gave him as his running mate, the one time he asked John to take down a Facebook post, character assassination, paranoia, and sabotage in the world of politics while on the campaign trail. Judd also shared his thoughts on the current Libertarian Party and how it's a "dog kennel," the Mises caucus and how all attempts for politics ends up creating more conflict. We also touched on the California cannabis scene, which Judd has a business in and how statist "legalization" activists corrupted the local industry. We ended with final thoughts about the late great Mr McAfee.  

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